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1:1 Coaching

Custom Programs to Unlock Your Career Goals

3 to 12 months

Congratulations on committing to creating the life you want! By coming this far, you have already shown a dedication to your growth journey. There are many needs that lead people to participate in 1:1 Coaching. Most fundamentally, we work together on eliminating roadblocks to accelerate your journey forward. We take an approach to design your life — this isn't about appearing successful; it's about defining your own version of success and then making that your reality!




Jocelyn helped me polish my resume for my first job search after I transitioned from an Engineering to Product Management role. I had trouble articulating my accomplishments and finding the right impactful verbs as a Product Manager. I was also worried about looking like I was taking credit for the work of other people, given that as a Product Manager, my launches wouldn't have been possible without a whole team implementing the plan. Jocelyn went through my resume with me line-by-line and helped me state my accomplishments in a much more impactful way. More importantly, she helped me understand how to highlight my accomplishments without making it sound like I did all the work myself. I credit the ease with which I got accepted into my new team to Jocelyn's excellent advice on my resume.

— Karolina, Product Manager, California



Topics Covered in 1:1 Coaching



One of the key areas needed to unlock career success is getting super-clear on exactly what you want out of your career and life. For those of you who are at a cross-roads, whether you are debating what kind of job is up next, whether to start your own business, this program will help you focus and design your dream life. With clear goals, we can then come up with the appropriate strategy to then execute.



Once you have decided on launching a new venture, or a side gig, 1:1 Coaching is a great forum for guiding you through the steps for your new business journey. This is especially valuable for first-time entrepreneurs or veterans who are venturing into a new industry or type of business.



For those who are aiming for leadership roles, or newly appointed to run teams, this is a great way to figure out how to establish yourself as a leader and create a high functioning team. Navigating how to gain official leadership roles, master influence without authority, and manage team dynamics are just part of what gets covered when focused on developing in this area.



I also offer custom packages for Executive Coaching for those who want to continually up-level.




When I first started working with Jocelyn, I had recently graduated from Columbia University with my Master's degree in Social Work. By the time I graduated, I already knew I wanted to change directions from Social Work, but I wasn't exactly sure how to go about navigating the job hunt and finding ways to connect my skills from Social Work over to corporate. I really had no experience working outside of school and had no idea where to start in looking for a job other than just sending my resume out on websites and waiting to (never) hear back.

— Lindsay, Recruiter, New York



1:1 Coaching Packages


Get Clarity & Define Your Vision

3 Months

You'll get 1:1 coaching sessions and access to online training materials for the 3-month duration of your coaching. This package can be used for targeted updates and changes, and is also great for getting to clarity and a vision for life. Often this package is used as a refresher on coaching for specific issues after behavior change has already occurred. Otherwise, it is likely that further coaching beyond this package will be needed to achieve larger outcomes.


Transition Into a New Career

6 months

You'll get 1:1 coaching sessions, a deep dive session, and access to online training materials for the 6-month duration of your coaching. This package is ideal for a life course correct like switching to a new job or career. Substantial work can be done on vision-setting, behavior change, and achieving real outcomes. This package is also fantastic for new leaders who are moving into leadership roles or establishing themselves as a leader on a team.


Build & Maintain Your New Life

12 months

You'll get 1:1 coaching sessions, deep dive sessions, and access to online training materials for the 12-month duration of your coaching. This package is ideal for substantial change and ongoing maintenance to ensure that all areas of life begin and stay on track. For example, switching to a new job or career followed by successfully establishing yourself into the new position. Substantial work can be done on vision-setting, behavior change, and achieving real outcomes in this timeframe — personally and professionally.