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Jocelyn Miller, Career Coach & Personal Accelerator

I work at the intersection of people and machines. I studied cognitive science and computer science--and now work with individuals to create better lives leveraging technology to do so.

I also work at the intersection of your career and your overall life. Career is such a fundamental pillar to life--you spend 40-80 hours a week at work, even more when you think about the amount of time thinking about work! It's so critical that you both ENJOY what you are doing as well as get FULFILLED by it.

I got turned onto this area when I was working at Amazon and Google. There, I saw brilliant people--many of whom were UNHAPPY. Yet, they were so capable...of doing ANYTHING they wanted.

In my experience, both personal and via mentoring, managing, and coaching, people's full potential only gets unlocked when you are doing something you are GOOD AT, you ENJOY, and that the MAKRET NEEDS.

I work with my client to create a life that fulfills all three of those criteria. The work that we do together in your career has benefits to other areas of life overall. I often hear from my clients how their relationships improve, both romantic and family, and their overall stress levels as well.

My mission in life is to help people fully express their potential--and to have an AMAZING life while doing so!

Formal Bio

Jocelyn Miller is a personal accelerator who works with ambitious and driven people to unlock what is between them and their desired goals.  She has coached dozens of women and technologists to help them land their dream jobs and make up to 50% more than they had been previously. She uses her 10+ years experience from Amazon, Google and acting as Director of Product Management at Zazzle to inform her coaching and training work.

She also teaches Fortune 500 companies in partnership with General Assembly. Clients include American Express, General Electric, Pfizer, AXA, USAA, Staples, NFL, Citigroup, and CBS. Topics include Product Management, User Experience, Rapid Prototyping, Big Data, Personalization, Managing Stakeholders, Metrics/Analytics, Roadmapping and Planning. She has expanded that work to large-scale organization change projects.

Ms. Miller holds a degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from Dartmouth College as well as Fashion Design and Interior Design certificates from Parsons School of Design. She hosts workshops with CTO School, speaks at women in technology events, runs a Women's Success Strategies group, and partners with Cornell Tech advising technology and business students.

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