Create High Impact Mastermind


A 12-month program to ignite impact in your career & life

Ignite Impact Inner Circle

In one year, can you imagine:

  • Scaling your career and business to the next level -- getting into 6-7 figures

  • Creating massive impact on your lifestyle, allowing you to take that next trip or have that next adventure without a second thought

  • Mastering mindset to ignite wealth and abundance in your life

  • Rising as a leader--in your career, community and personal life

If you have a strong desire to expose your purpose in life and operate at an even higher level, as well as live a better quality of life overall, this is the time to meet that calling and up-level with the best mentorship and community possible to support this transformational evolution.


My clients who work with me at this level experience  a complete expansive transformation in their careers and overall life. They get better jobs and clients, bigger business, a bigger bank account, and to ignite even bigger impact than imagined across all domains.

During our 12 months together, I will take you on an intimate journey working closely with me to transform who you are a leader, as a doer, the wealth showing up in your life, and the impact you are creating in the world.


We will do all of this and more!


  • Get to be known as THE expert in your niche

  • Create / be part of a high functioning, top tier team

  • Establish your own inner circle of support

  • Awaken the leader within you to enhance the drive and vision to succeed

  • Explore or expand side business opportunities / passive income streams to diversify your portfolio



  • Position yourself to make 10-200%+ more income based on the measurable value you deliver

  • Uncover unconscious, limiting beliefs from igniting and living wealth on purpose

  • Solidify your brand and messaging so that you feel confident and in alignment

  • Establish you as a thought leader, leading to bigger opportunities for your business as well as you personally



If you are interested in significantly increasing your personal level of impact, to expand the scope of your life and your levels of contribution to the world, this program is for you!

You receive individual personalized coaching from Jocelyn, access to advanced trainings, weekly mastermind meetings, a private online community, and more! All of this is with like-minded industry leaders who are looking to expand their impact on a similar, intimate journey.

Spaces are limited--reach out today to learn more about this exclusive program!