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Hi! I'm Jocelyn.

I'm an entrepreneur, speaker, empath, and passionate fire-starter dedicated to helping you get your next level of impact while having fun! I use my background from working at companies like Google and Amazon, as well as having trained Fortune 500 companies to startups, to help you design the career of your dreams.


Land Your Dream Job

For busy professionals who want to transition to a role that is going to unleash your full potential, this program is designed for you! When you want your next role ASAP, you want to use proven methods to get you there now. If you are following a not-so-traditional path (who isn't today!?) this is the perfect solution for you.

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Create High Impact

An exclusive program designed for senior executives and small business owners who are looking to expand their impact on the world. You have had established successes, but want to expand that for yourself, your family, and your community--while also increasing your personal satisfaction levels in life.

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1:1 Coaching

For those who want to get their career or business to be what you want NOW, this is for you! You receive customized 1:1 guidance for your personal journey--from getting that promotion, managing a team, building your next venture, or getting clarity on your next step--let's get you on your path and enjoying it today! 

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My Approach

I use a set of proven methods, inspired from the realms of coaching, cognitive science and even product management best practices. We work together to define vision, setting up strategy and tactics, increasing personal  leverage, using the 80/20 rule, and focusing on strengths while managing weaknesses. I take inspiration from Strengths Finder, Positive Psychology, The Power of Habit,  and Brené Brown’s work on empathy to create a life you love!


Jocelyn helped me regain energy, organize my thoughts — and asked me the hard questions...Working with Jocelyn was truly eye-opening for me; I now see more opportunities in the world around me and in myself.

— Alice B.


Empathy, Accountability & Results

You want to get to your next level--in a way where you feel understood, supported, and continuously moving forward. Let's get you the results you desire and deserve today!