Jocelyn's Catapult Coaching Program



Define & Land Your Dream Job

Welcome to the 8-week program to land you your dream job! This curated program takes you through a step-by-step proven process that dozens have followed (myself included!). Catapult provides the framework so that you can focus on YOU--what are you want out of your career? Your overall life? What are you special skills and abilities? This isn't just about getting a job--it's about getting the career and life that are fulfilling to you!

I use my experiences from Amazon, Google, over a dozen other Fortune 500 companies, and dozens of small startups, to deliver this program to you.  I have been hiring manager and job seeker--I known what it's like to be on both sides of the table. Each module demystified the steps required to get your dream job.

You will receive a combination of 1:1 coaching support and  group coaching support to keep you making progress on your journey.

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Crystallize your vision

Key to getting what you want is to be SUPER CLEAR on exactly what you desire. These modules help you nail your personal vision, your elevator pitch, as well as really connect with the needs of your target employers. 

cultivate a success Mindset

Participants highlight this module as one of the most impactful! We unlock the habits and tendencies that have been holding you back. We then set up a foundation for future success--in career and life overall.

identify dream employers

The rubber meets the road! We get specific on who are your target employers. We also set up the initial groundwork to learn more about opportunities and seed your network.  You start making the right connections with confidence and ease.

master your resume

You will never be reluctant to respond to an exciting job prospect again. We will treasure-hunt your past to define a master resume that will be used as a base for all future job opportunities.

customize your cover letter 

Cover letters are dead--and yet, you still need them. But they are only valuable when done right! You will learn exactly how to navigate customizing your resume and cover letter to exactly what your employer wants--without being too buzzword-y. These tools will both get you in the door and support you throughout the interviewing process.

network authentically

Myself and many of my clients have gotten jobs that were never listed anywhere. The only thing that makes this possible is networking--not the slimy version of networking that makes people cringe. You need to nail the longterm, relationship-oriented view of networking to both get this next job and set yourself up to never have to cold 'apply' to jobs again!

perfect the interview process

From landing the interview, understanding the steps of the process, performing at a peak state on site, and following up appropriate--we cover it all.  You will be fully prepared, confidence, and YOURSELF. You will not only put your best foot forward; you will also vet the other side of the table, as the match needs to be two-way.

negotiate with confidence

Once you have your job offer(s) in hand, we want to make sure that you get set up for success. This requires that we negotiate properly--with a full understanding of what that means (note: salary is only one piece of the puzzle). You will avoid the trap of just taking what is offered and really tailor your next position to your needs for both short-term and long-term success.

...And more!

This program takes you step by step through a proven approach for landing your dream job. It also includes bonus modules about creating side gigs, preparing portfolios (where appropriate), content around product management and technology, and more!