Create High Impact

I started working with Jocelyn when I took a sabbatical from Google after 15 years in the tech industry to take a step back and reflect on my career and [to figure out] where I wanted to go next. Jocelyn helped me regain energy, organize my thoughts — and asked me the hard questions. She provided me with resources to read or watch and actions items for the week. Every week, we reflected on the previous week.

Working with Jocelyn was truly eye-opening for me: I now see more opportunities in the world around me and in myself. She is very patient, got to know me and fed me with her energy and positivity, as well as support when I would doubt.

I now feel more aligned with myself, more confident in my career and myself and I have Jocelyn to thank for it. I am now starting my own business and working with companies whose mission align with my newly defined goals.

Having Jocelyn as a coach was one of the turning points of my career. I definitely recommend her as a coach — of course, you’ll have to do the hard work, but Jocelyn will be there to support you and to open your eyes to help you find your own potential and opportunities.

— Alice, Independent Entrepreneur, New York