Land Your Dream Job

I was released from my position after 12 years of service and really needed to re-evaluate my career path and what I wanted from my professional and personal life. Jocelyn offered the Land Your Dream Job career coaching program as a resource to get clear on my path. The program helped me identify and align my passion with my goals. Jocelyn was available to me throughout the entire process and was my coach, mentor & cheerleader!

The platform allowed me to connect with others who were on the same career journey. I valued having these interactions as we learned from one another and encouraged each other every week. I enjoyed that I could engage with the modules at my own pace and that I could re-play the module as many times as needed to fully understand what my DREAM JOB looked like!

Jocelyn provided the tools that I needed to be able to understand what I wanted, what offers I would entertain and how to negotiate the best way forward with a company.  Her coaching, direction and guidance helped me secure my current position (which I LOVE!!!). I would recommend Jocelyn and the Land Your Dream Job program to anyone who is unemployed, employed but miserable with their current position or anyone who wants to know how to change careers or start a new venture.

— Jennifer, Marketing Manager, Texas