1:1 Coaching

When I first started working with Jocelyn, I had recently graduated from Columbia University with my Master's degree in Social Work. By the time I graduated, I already knew I wanted to change directions from Social Work, but I wasn't exactly sure how to go about navigating the job hunt and finding ways to connect my skills from Social Work over to corporate. I really had no experience working outside of school and had no idea where to start in looking for a job other than just sending my resume out on websites and waiting to (never) hear back. Jocelyn pulled me back to the basics of figuring out what I even wanted for a job. I was so terrified of being unemployed that I hadn't thought of what I really wanted for a career. She guided me through not only where to direct my focus in searching for a job, but also how to reach out to my network of friends and mutual connections, and to build a comprehensive narrative around my background and what I could bring to a company. As a coach, Jocelyn always showed up with a positive energy and never let me ignore the areas I needed to work on the most. She would provide honest feedback and observations in a way that I never felt defensive, but rather supported and cheered on.

I've now been at my current company for a little over a year and my thoughts around job hunting have completely changed. Rather than a mad scramble, Jocelyn provided me with a system that I use even as an employee of leveraging the resources already at my disposal to create greater opportunities for myself. I find myself going back through the course material for refreshers in both tactics and motivation when it comes to recognizing my value and creating opportunities in work.

Her own entrepreneurial spirit has also encouraged me to begin a personal project of my own and I have started a YouTube channel around self improvement and dating. Seeing Jocelyn thriving through running her own business provides an extra boost of motivation for me to reach my goal of becoming my own boss!