Land Your Dream Job

I have had a successful career, but I always felt I hadn’t been building for the kind of life I envisioned for myself. Recently I decided I couldn’t ignore the internal tugs to move in another direction. And that’s when I discovered Jocelyn. Before starting the Land Your Dream Job program, I felt fairly lost on how to approach the change. The lack of clarity sparked a lot of anxiety and stress.

Working with Jocelyn provided the critical structure and support I needed to write my next chapter. Her instruction on the steps to a job or career change is the best out there (trust me, I have done the research!). The one-on-ones and group support were truly invaluable with their deep insights and emotional life rafts.

I had considered embarking on this journey alone, but I am grateful I didn’t choose that path. As a result of the program, I feel a renewed sense of confidence and optimism. For anyone thinking about joining, I would say embrace the process and the fantastic support Jocelyn provides. That will get you through.

— Lisa, Chief Product Officer, New York